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Talking Skull Mask - Moveable Jaw

Talking Skull Mask - Moveable Jaw

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The Talking Skull Mask is a highly realistic mask that is perfect for Halloween or other themed activities. The jaw of the skull is movable, making it look very realistic. The face mask is characterized by recessed, dark eye sockets and open eye sockets that can hide the wearer's eyes while also allowing them to have a fairly clear vision. The full head mask is made of high-quality soft elastic latex, safe, soft, and easy to wear. It provides precise lines and realistic colors. The human skull mask is a great gift for a friend or girlfriend. It is sure to make them stand out from the crowd!



Specifications:Material: LatexColor (optional): white, darkDimensions: 23 x 18 x 15 cmSpecification: free size

Packing List:Face Mask Helmet*1

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