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Combined Corn Thresher

Combined Corn Thresher

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Our Combined Corn Thresher is the perfect solution for those who want to quickly and easily thresh corn kernels from the cob. This set includes four pieces: a corn stripper, a garlic grinder, a ginger grinder, and a cheese shaver. The corn stripper is made of stainless steel with sharp saw teeth that make short work of stripping kernels from the cob. The garlic and ginger grinders are also made of stainless steel and feature precision grinding that will make quick work of these pungent spices. The cheese shaver is perfect for shaving off thin slices of cheese for sandwiches or snacks. The one-piece combination design of our Combined Corn Thresher saves valuable counter space in your kitchen.


Color: Yellow

Capacity: 400ML

Weight: 300g

Size: 8cm*15cm*10.5cm


Package Includes: 

1 x Combined Corn Thresher

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